MPOC-Cairo Participation in the “Top World’s Cuisines Festival” Dusit Thani Hotel, 13th December 2014

One of the strategies that MPOC-Cairo is pursuing to aggressively promote Malaysian palm oil products to the Egyptian market and communicate with the highly populated market is to participate and sponsor popular cooking and food events. To capitalize on this useful communication tool, MPOC-Cairo participated and co-sponsored The International Cooking Festival “Top World’s Cuisines Festival”.

Egypt is a huge market for palm oil and its products due to limited vegetable oils production capabilities in the region and the competitive commodity pricing of palm oil. Egypt’s demand for palm oil will edge up considerably due to its comparative prices versus other vegetable oils. In 2013, Palm oil was the highest imported commodity as it accounted for 41.7% of the total imports.

Oils and fats are essential ingredients for cooking in the Egyptian cuisine. They provide taste and help in the frying of different food items such as French fries, chicken nuggets, burgers etc… Most of the Egyptian meals are utilizing frying fats for their rice and stewed vegetables preparation.  This shows the high importance of the fats and oils in local Egyptian cuisine and daily habitual diet.

Liquid oil market segment is growing steadily in Egypt, blended cooking oils are broadly sold in the major supermarkets and retail outlets in Egypt. Several blended cooking oil brands are now available in these supermarkets at competitive prices. Blended cooking oil appeals to wide consumer base due to its affordability and versatility. Palm olein is either blended with one single refined oil such as sunflower, soybean oil, or corn oil or mixed with multiple oils.

MPOC -Cairo collaborated with Think Advertising in carrying-out this program. The ‘Top World’s Cuisines Festival’ was organized under the auspices of Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and in collaboration with Al-Ahram establishment, in Cairo on the 13th of December 2014 at Dusit Thani hotel from 6.30 pm till midnight.  This indoor event was attended by more than 500 invited guests comprising of ambassadors, representatives from established restaurants and hotels in Cairo, food writers, media representatives and food & beverages industries.

During the event, the eleven participating countries (China, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, South Korea and Switzerland) presented a variety of their popular national dishes. Guests were given the opportunity to taste all dishes including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes which were moderated to suit all Egyptian tastes.

MPOC-Cairo’s participation and sponsorship for cooking and food events is essentially an effective communication tool that helps to achieve and extend palm oil awareness among the target markets. MPOC-Cairo’s communication strategy is to engage with the end users of palm oil products directly.