MPOC’s participation in the Maghreb International Food Exhibition in Casablanca from 31st October to 2nd November 2012

MPOC Cairo participated in the Maghreb International Food Exhibition (MAFEX) which was held in Casablanca, Morocco from 31 October to 2 November 2012. Participation in this exhibition fits well with our strategy in expanding the market reach for palm oil in North Africa. This is also part of our ‘Reach & Teach’ initiative for the North African market area. Information obtained from the interactions with trade visitors provide useful information in looking at the key areas whereby palm oil market potential can be further developed. It also provide strong basis for the development of future palm oil promotions and market development programs in supporting palm oil market growth in Morocco.

MAFEX, Morocco’s only international exhibition for the food industry is a good platform for manufacturers of food ingredients and consumer products to gain access to the domestic market through the establishment of business interactions with local companies.

Morocco is a net importer of oils and fats. Self-sufficiency level currently hovers around 29%. In 2011 the domestic production of oils and fats, mainly olive oil, amounted to approximately 186 Thd T. Total oils and fats imports in 2011 amounted to 516 Thd T, mainly soyabean oil which constitute about 76% of the total imports. According to the Oil World statistics, palm oil imports amounted to 42 Thd T or approximately 8% of the total oils & fats imports recorded in 2011. Soybean and olive oil are the two major oils being consumed in Morocco.

In recent years, Morocco has become one of the most attractive business partners and trade platform of North Africa. The continuously increasing economy of 4%, the free trade agreement with the EU, the stable political situation and a concerted program of reformations and sector funding will secure the future privileged role of Morocco in North Africa. An important component of the Moroccan economy is the agri-food sector, which generates currently 20% of the GDP. There is an increasing demand for food, including oils & fats by the growing middle-class which cannot be covered by local producers.