Seminar on the Importance of Palm Oil and Oils & Fats in Human Nutrition (A collaborative project with Fayoum University) 16 March 2014


This program is specially designed to provide the latest information and development on the importance of palm oil and oils & fats in food processing and human nutrition. The seminar also highlighted on the different applications and uses of palm oil and its derivatives. This is part of our palm oil awareness outreach project in expanding the information on palm oil benefits and applications among the faculty members, students and other relevant stakeholders. The implementation of this seminar was an integral part of the strategy in creating and expanding palm oil knowledge among the extended spectrum of palm oil consumers in Egypt.

Egypt is an important export market for Malaysian palm oil. In 2013, palm oil export from Malaysia amounted to 459,634 tonnes, reflecting a modest increase of about 4.5% as compared to the total export volumes recorded in 2012. Egypt’s oils & fats imports recorded an encouraging growth of about 11% in 2013, despite the political and financial turmoil.

According to the latest report issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, Egypt’s population is expected to reach 150 million by 2025. This may further trigger the growth in demand potential for oils & fats including palm oil.

This seminar is a collaborative effort between MPOC Cairo, Fayoum University and Prof. Dr Hanafy Hashem, the President of the Egyptian Oils & Fats Committee (EOFC). The EOFC fully support our initiative in expanding the knowledge on palm oil applications in Egypt. The implementation of this project was also supported by Eng. Kamal Darwish from the Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality (EOS) and Dr Reda Abdel Jalil from the Egyptian Chamber of Food Industries (ECFI).

The seminar was held at the faculty of agriculture of Fayoum University, about 120 km from Cairo. Fayoum University is one of the largest universities in Egypt. About seventy faculty members and students attended the seminar. The seminar was conducted entirely in Arabic. The presentations cover three main subjects:

  • The importance of palm oil and its derivatives in human nutrition and food processing
  • Food applications of palm oil and palm kernel oil
  • Dissemination and clarification of key information on palm oil